Staff Augmentation

4page_img1Our diverse customers have various needs. The majority of them need to keep their challenging, high priority projects moving forward, but hiring additional resources is commonly not an option. Therefore, Barkat Consulting has provided staff augmentation. Our experienced consultants integrate themselves as part of your team and lead a cohesive effort to accomplish the set tasks. This allows our customers to possess the resources of our consultants that have the key skills and initiative to finish those demanding and essential tasks, without exceeding financial restraints.



4page_img2Barkat Consulting structures and adapts staff augmentation to meet and surpass our customers’ needs. This service provides our customers professional networking expertise, support, and resources on-site. In the past we have accommodated staff augmentation on set time periods or on an ongoing basis. Barkat Consulting prides itself in the extremely high quality of services it has to offer. So, in this given time period our expert consultants will be on-site until this standard is met, the task or projects are finished, and most importantly, our customers are completely satisfied with our services.




We also offer project-based services. Like staff augmentation, long and short term project-based services are completely formulated and adapted to fit our customers needs. Our knowledgeable consultants provide our high quality expertise on your unique project or projects to meet aggressive deadlines. In the past, we have aligned scope and project tasks with our customers, and then given them a block of hours that this certain project or projects would require. As our team is highly experienced and encompasses an array of technical skills, we have completion dates before deadlines, quality of service that exceeds expectations, and finally, results that provide very satisfied customers.