Consulting Services

Barkat Consulting provides a full range of services to cover all your network and system needs. Our services include but are not limited to: assessments of routing and switching infrastructures, VDI assessments including both VMware and Citrix, network infrastructure design best practices, data center architectural solutions, implementation and migration of Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K, and 1K, UCS installation and design, Unified Communications & Collaboration Architecture, Design and Implementation and finally, numerous other technical services upon customer’s request.


Strategy & Execution

3page_img1Assessments/Design: Optimize your current network infrastructure by having our consultants analyze risks and opportunities, examine approaches, and recommend best practical solutions to maximize your network. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants help you architect or redesign a network, define scope and requirements for upcoming projects, postulate high-level designs, and guide detailed migrations for seamless integration with no downtime.


Assess and Design high-available redundant Collaboration solutions that include:

IP Communication Solutions: Enable the deployment of data and voice capabilities in a single, integrated routing platform to increase productivity, decrease costs, and lower total cost of ownership.

Messaging Solutions: Scale to meet the needs of large, multisite organizations and offer extensive personalization options, a broad range of productivity enhancing features, and powerful migration tools, including interoperability with existing voice messaging and telephony systems.

Conferencing Solutions: Provide high-performance, scalable platforms for communicating between distributed personnel, which helps reduce travel costs while enhancing collaboration with external partners and customers.

Customer Care Solutions: Create the foundation for positive customer service, a key factor in building a stronger business. Customer care products can help you drive true customer intimacy, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Business Video: Video is about the ability to reproduce the valued characteristics of a face-to-face meeting or other similar form of direct human interactionThere’s no denying that face-to-face is the most valued form of communication, but it is not always feasible to be there in-person. Business Video enables you to have in-person experiences with anyone, anywhere, strengthening relationships, increasing productivity and building trust.

3page_img2Implementation: Our consultants offer profound technical capabilities and experience you need to help move forward with various projects. Implementing upgrades, consolidation, or migrations can be problematic regarding network security, availability, and performance, but with the help of our consultants and their expertise, you can proceed with confidence. We provide best practice adaptive implementation and migration methodologies that fit your specific needs, from migrating firewalls and routers, consolidating cores, to implementing new distribution layer switches.

Our consultants offer best practices in implementation and migration from TDM to IP Based system for Telephony. This includes Cisco Communications Manager, Unity Connection, Meeting place, Show and Share, Business Video, and Desktop Collaboration.

Quality Standards

Our professional team of IT consulting experts combine skill, knowledge, experience, and industry certifications (such as Microsoft, Cisco, etc.) to give our customers the best quality services possible at affordable prices. Our experience includes network based IT solutions to large corporations, government, and education infrastructures. Barkat Consulting has worked with several enterprise companies in the Chicago land area. Our exposure and experience ensures our high quality standard. Our team is efficient reliable, resourceful, creative, and extremely quick.

Services Offered

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